Anodes for external hull

Sacrificial anodes are available in standard or customised shapes.

Anode types

Most types of weldes and bolted hull anodes are available from our stocks. Customised types and shapes can be produced on request.

Design basis

The number and type of sacrificial anodes required to protect the external hull of a specific vessel are calculated mainly by taking into account size, geometry, coating condition and docking interval. Normally the GA drawing and information on the docking interval are sufficient for us to undertake the design.


It is necessary to fit a higher proportion of anodes at the stern area of the vessel, particularly close to the propeller, which is an area of major turbulence.

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Need anodes?

Several types of sacrificial anodes available.
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Planning to dry-dock?

Contact us for cathodic protection, electrolytic antifouling system spares and work planning during dry-docking.
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